30 Things To Do By Yourself

  1. Make a Terrarium
  2. Do a Face Mask
  3. Journal
  4. Make a Gratitude List
  5. Watch a Movie
  6. Take a Nap
  7. Go Stargazing
  8. Go Jogging
  9. Take a Bubble Bath
  10. Draw or Paint Something
  11. Read Up Your MBTI
  12. Take a Photo Of Your Neighbourhood
  13. Ride Your Bike
  14. Declutter Your Home
  15. Create a Vision Board
  16. Meditate
  17. Read a Book or Blog
  18. Try a New Recipe
  19. Write a Handwritten Letter to Your Loved Ones
  20. Go Thrifting
  21. Create a List of Your Life Goals
  22. Go out with Nature
  23. Listen To Your Favourite Music
  24. Play an Instrument
  25. Enjoy a Cup of Tea or Coffee
  26. Create a Mix Tape
  27. Go Shopping
  28. Go to a Museum
  29. Get a Massage
  30. Try a New Workout
  31. Go Sightseeing
  32. Explore the City
  33. Rearrange Your Wardrobe
  34. Make a DIY Project
  35. Wake Up Early

What are some things you love to do on your own? Comment them down below!

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