Why You Should Hav Planner

It’s 2018! I wanted to write this post for a while now as part of my ‘New You’ series. ‘New You’ is all about mindful habits and lifestyle. Read on to get to know more about why you should have a planner in your life.

       1. Improves Your Time Management

Using a planner helps you control and plan your time management. Planners usually have daily, weekly or monthly overviews. This helps you give the ”big picture” of what you want to accomplish. In that way, you know when to prioritise tasks that are of much bigger importance and rest when you need to. It also helps you ensure none of your commitments conflict with each other.

And once you’ve improved your ability to manage your time, you’ll have better control over your life,  be more productive, and accomplish more of your goals.

     2. Decrease Stress

You’ll have less stress in your life as you gain a sense of control over your life. It clears your mind as you get everything you have in your head into the planner. Once you plan and prioritizing your to-do list in a planner,  you won’t feel overwhelmed and be more in control. You’re never forgetting important events and tasks. Thus, you’ll benefit from minimized stress and an improved quality of life.

     3. Increase Productivity

Since you are more organized and are able to prioritise your tasks, you’ll get more things done. Simply, the planner acts as a system that keeps you focused and moving towards your various goals. Without this system, you’re less likely to prioritise every task on your schedule that has to be done. Thus, you’re more susceptible to procrastination.

     4. Have a Record

The advantage that comes with keeping a planner is that you’ll have an easy-to-access record of all of your tasks, appointments, and notes of that particular year, month, week or day. Don’t remember the last time you met with your friend? Just grab your planner and flip back a few months. It’s really handy!


You can shop these pretty planners I found online. Happy planning!

Any other advantages of planning I’ve left out? Comment them!

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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