30 Ways to Practice Self-Care

These are 30 ideas in which you can wind down and have more me time. So, Grab your favourite mug filled with tea and read on…

  1. Light Up your Favourite Scented Candles

    Midsummer’s Night, Pink Beach, Dazzling Red Maple. You name it.

  2. Read a Book

    Reread that favourite book that’s so dear to your heart.

  3. Aromatherapy

    Diffuse essential oils and clear your mind…

  4. Grab a Cup of Bubble Tea

    Because you should treat yourself with a cup of bubble tea once in a while

  5. Write Down your Feelings, Dreams in a Journal

    Read your journal in 2 years or 10 years. Whenever you need a good laugh or for when you’re crying. Read it to your children, your grandchildren. Because these moments are so important.

  6. Apply Face Masks

    Transform your room into a spa retreat. Light up a candle or two and apply that face mask you’ve been wanting to use.

  7. Go Online Shopping

    Go splurge on that makeup you’ve been eyeing on. Or that gadget you’ve been saving for. The simple things that make you happy. 

  8. Stroll through Pinterest for Inspiration

    Pinterest is very inspiring. Home decor, self-care ideas, outfits inspo. Whatever you want.

  9. Organise your room

    Organise that junk drawer or your closet. Once it’s all done, you’ll feel accomplished and happy with your productivity. Also, your room looks airy and you feel more at ease. Your mind is clear of the clutter.

  10. Bathe in Lush Bath Bombs

    You smell really good. And the lush bath bombs are so pretty to look at too!

  11. Solo Dance Party

    You just need time for yourself and let it all out. Dance crazy around your room and turn up that song that has been making you feel good about yourself. 

  12. Listen to your Favourite Album

    Be it on Spotify or with vinyl records.

  13. Make a DIY

    You don’t need to splurge your money for something you want when you can make a much cheaper DIY. Also, it’s relaxing.

  14. Take photos of nature

    Go outside and see how big the world is!

  15. Create a Cosy Space

    Invest in a comfy blanket and throw pillows. Also, decorate it with knick-knacks that make you feel cosy and happy.

  16. Sketch Something

    Let your creativity flow. Plug in some good music and sketch away…

  17. Immerse in Nature

    Breathe in fresh air, hike the mountains or visit the beach. Anything that makes you feel serene and with nature.

  18. Give Yourself a Manicure

    You need to treat yo’ self. Or let your significant other do it for you. 

  19. Make Homemade Yoghurt

    Or acai bowls. 

  20. Watch a Movie or TV show

    A sappy romance, action, fantasy or sci-fi. Whichever.

  21. Skype with your Loved Ones

    Make their day and yours by skyping. Catch up with them and just have a deep and fulfilling conversation with them.

  22. Take a Smallish Nap

    The future is naps.

  23. Grab a Tub of ice cream

    Can be any ice cream brand you want. Ben & Jerry’s!

  24. Scrapbooking

    Document what you’ve been up to. Let your creativity flow freely. 

  25. Drink plenty of Water

    You must hydrate yourself. Water has many benefits. Your skin will be clear and hydrated. It also helps you shed some weight. 

  26. Spice up your Closet

    I love arranging my clothes in a rainbow arrangement. You can add drawers to organise your clothes. Put a motivating poster, the things you love.

  27. Create a Vision Board

    Imagine what you want your life to be. “I think, therefore I am…”

  28. Arrange Flowers

    Roses, Sunflowers, Lavenders…

  29. Read your Favourite Magazine

    National Geographic, Kinfolk and Cereal are some of my favourite magazines to read

  30. Start a Gratitude Journal

    List out the things that you are grateful for. Be thankful for what you have.

Self-Care care is really important and you must take care of yourself. You need it to perform at your best, be it with work or with your relationships to prevent burnout.

Remember to treat yourself because you deserve it!

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