3 Steps To Be More Productive

Stay near natural light sources

Do your best to be near to natural light sources as much as possible. Take a seat near the window, perhaps. By doing so, it helps you feel more awake and productive. The explanation for this is that the hypothalamus in our brain, which regulates energy and sleep levels, signals our body to decrease the production of the sleep hormone when it senses a change in light. Thus, this is why we find it hard for us to fall asleep in the middle of the night when using our handphones.


Exercising is not only good for the health. It also helps you sleep well. A research study concluded that people who exercise for 60 minutes on 5 days a week get more sleep than those who do not. Have you ever gone to work after a sleepless night? Obviously, a sleepless night will not give you a very productive day because you will feel very tired and sleepy.

Do not forget to exercise if you want to sleep well. Other ways to get a good night sleep is by avoiding caffeine in the afternoons and evenings, using comfortable bedding and switching off the lights. Sleeping well will make you feel more energised the next morning, thus increasing your productivity.

Managing Stress

Someone who is stressed will not feel motivated or productive. Lethargy will definitely make you less productive and motivated during your day. To counter that, you should learn how to combat stress. These ways could be:

Exercise – Exercise reduces stress and fatigue. It improves your overall cognitive function, alertness and concentration.

Yoga – Yoga clears your mind and slows down the breathing and heart rate.

Meditation – A study has found that mindfulness meditation can help ease stresses such as anxiety and depression.

Positive outlook – Whenever you have negative thoughts overwhelming you, it is important to shove those thoughts and replace it with positive ones. That way, you will not dwell on negativity, which will only cause more stress and depression.

It is up to us if we want to feel motivated and productive. Results will definitely show in our work day and this will be a reflection of how we are able to take good care of ourselves.

Eating a healthy diet – Eating junk food can make you feel lethargic and leave you without much energy to deal with stress. A healthy diet that combats stress is composed of high-fiber, carbohydrate-rich and low-fat meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give others.

-Christopher Germer

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